Self tanning hacks

Discover expert self-tanning hacks to achieve a flawless and natural-looking tan. Learn how to prep your skin, apply self-tanner evenly, and maintain your tan for a longer-lasting glow.
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Teen reveals how to get a flawless tan for under £10 in viral Twitter thread

A TEEN has revealed exactly how she gets the perfect tan on a budget – without getting her hands and feet patchy. Fleur Hobson, 16, decided to share her fake tan routine on social media after…

Caitlin Conway
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Why Won’t My Legs Tan? Tips To Tan Properly

Seeing legs less tanned than the rest of the body is infuriating. Isn’t it? Sometimes the color difference is so pronounced that it seems you have covered your legs while basking under the sun and provided extra protection to make them lightly tanned.

Sherri Nusz
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Self Tanner Tips: Best Self-Tanning Routine for Golden Skin Fast

Discover the best self tanner tips for a perfect glow! Learn self tanner tips on how to apply for a streak-free finish, including self tanner applying tips for an even look. Get expert self tanner tips from Fake Bake and self tanner tips for your face. Follow this easy self tan routine and master how to self tan like a pro!

Patricia Rios | Lifestyle Blogger
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10 Easy Tips to Get a Perfect Tan Fast

Take a look at these tanning tips to help you learn more on How to get tanner faster! Whant to learn how to tan easily, safely and without burning yourself? Here you find 10 tips on how to tan fast in the sun! #tanningtips #fastertanningtips

Patricia Rios | Lifestyle Blogger