Short Eared Owl

Discover the amazing world of short eared owls. Learn about their unique features, habitat, and behavior. Get inspired to explore and appreciate these beautiful creatures.
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The 'mean' facial expression of the short-eared owl

I encountered a Short-eared Owl while on a coastal walk. It heard me coming before I saw it. Its mottled brown body stood on the ground, its large head slowly turning on its short neck for it to stare at me with large, piercing, yellow eyes set in a foil of jet black before it jumped into flight drifting leisurely and floppily away on long, broad wings and showing its pale underparts.

Ludwig Bouvier
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Short-Eared Owl

Frontals is a series of bird photos I have been collecting for over ten years. When you get the time to take a series of pictures of one single bird, you will always have one or two frontals in between. I realized from the start that they made the birds look completely different. From that moment on, I decided to focus on it and make sure I would have at least one frontal in each series. Some birds start to look like angry birds, some funny or even ridiculous.

Della Christian

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