Silver style

Discover the beauty of silver style and elevate your home decor with these elegant and timeless ideas. Create a sophisticated and luxurious ambiance with silver accents that will leave a lasting impression.
Metallics from Blumarine~ Metallic Jacket, Casual Chique, Metal Clothing, Metal Fashion, Metallic Bag, Futuristic Fashion, Silver Lining, Color Plata, Dali


Before anything else, I've decided to upload my resort Thalassa collection an hour ahead of schedule because I really want to go to sleep haha. (click for a larger image) please also visit my deviantart and give me a favorite if you have an acccount ;) I want to just take some time to explain my inspirations behind this time. It started out with one outfit - the first one, and to be honest, recently I don't particularly work with themes as much as I do with looks. I start off with one look…

Hannah Lew