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Find the perfect slipper pattern to keep your feet warm and stylish. Explore a variety of creative designs and get ready to step into comfort.
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Kimono Slipper Tutorial By Lauren Mackey Materials Needed: Pattern ( Cut to fit you. I have added a size conversion and measurement chart at the end.) 1/4 Yard Outer Material (I used canvas) 1/4 Yard Inner Material (I used fleece) Optional: Lace/Ribbon, Puffy Paint, other things to decorate with. 1. Cut out pattern pieces. (A,B,C) 2. Pin shoe top pieces right sides together. (You will have two of the larger and two of the smaller) (B,C) 3. Sew only on the side with the concave curve. (B,C)…


Cosy Slippers From Your Old Woolly Jumper: Whoops....Shrunk your favourite woolly in the wash? Never mind, try making these cosy slippers and you should have plenty left to make other goodies (more instructables to follow). These lovely warm slippers can be made in an evening if you are sti…

Daniela Corbalan
These DIY slippers are a quick sew and make a perfect handmade gift. Click for details! Sew Ins, Crochet, Slippers, Sewing Slippers, Diy Slippers, Quick Sewing Gifts, Handmade Slippers, How To Make Slippers, Sewing Hacks

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, the year that I had the least amount of time to sew ended up being the year that I made the most handmade gifts. I think that probably has a lot to do with our incredible fairy godmother, who continues to send packages stuffed with gorgeous handmade clothes for my kids. This has freed up my limited sewing time for other pursuits. I decided to make slippers for my sisters, who always wear them around the house. I started out looking for some free…

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