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Discover the enchanting city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Find out the top things to do and experience the rich culture, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere of this charming capital.

Ljubljana is the stunning capital of Slovenia. Although it might be the “capital city” it definitely feels less like a city and more like a quiet and quaint town, particularly in its beautiful centre. Its not a typically large city, but there are still plenty of things to do in Ljubljana to give you a

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If your planning to visit Slovenia with limited vacation time, it may be helpful to know about these 8 easy day trips from Ljubljana. The benefit of basing yourself in Ljubljana and doing day trips to nearby attractions is that you save yourself the time and money of constantly changing hotels.The follow day trips from Ljubljana have been split up into different sections to help you choose a day tour. Whether you're looking to experience nature, European architecture, or nearby cities, I've…

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One day in Ljubljana, how to visit everything you must see and do in Ljubljana in one day and make sure you won't miss out on the main sights | One day in Ljubljana is just enough to explore the city’s main sights. Even though it’s Slovenia’s capital city, it’s rather small & still one of those undiscovered charming...

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