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Boost speech and language skills with these engaging and effective SLP activities. Help your child or student improve communication abilities and have fun while learning.
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It's no secret that we play a lot of games in speech therapy. Games offer great opportunities for using language and they make practicing skills that may be hard for students to do more fun. I have put together a list of my most played games in therapy. Sometimes we play them to increase overall language or social skills while other times we play to target a specific skill. I have also created some open-ended templates to use with the games to help us stay on track with practicing our goals…

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Articulation cards are a staple in Speech Therapy rooms. Articulation Flash Cards can be used in so many ways with preschoolers and elementary students... buuuttt sometimes they can get boring and repetitive. Check out these articulation card ideas to bring some new and exciting speech therapy activities into your therapy room! You can use these ideas in group therapy or in one-on-one sessions or even send them home for easy articulation homework ideas! • WHAT’S THERE?: Place 5 cards around…

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If your child struggles with articulation, fluency, voice regulation, understanding and expressing himself through language, or nonverbal autism, these speech therapy activities are a great place to start!

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Core vocabulary is an evidenced-based set of words particularly useful for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) users. I've personally seen huge growth in expressive language skills of AAC users after only a few therapy sessions of instruction with core words. Core words are what make up 80% of our everyday utterances. The power of core words lies within

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Someone is learning and making progress! Meredith of Peachie Speechie and I (Mandi of Panda Speech) have teamed up to talk about how we play games in speech! It is a commonly known fact that SLPs use board games in therapy sessions to engage their students. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds! We have to incorporate other materials relevant to each of the student’s objectives in between turns, not to mention cueing and modeling social skills. Let me say this, it is NOT all fun and…

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Summarizing is tricky skill for kids of all ages, but I'm sharing a tip to make summarizing easy for older students. Read this post to get the full scoop!

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Are you on a hunt for free speech therapy online activities and games that are perfect for teletherapy? Then be sure to check out this list!

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