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The way to retrieve these missing soul parts is through Soul Retrieval: Humour, Inspirational Quotes, Feelings, Wisdom, Spiritual Awakening, Soul Quotes, Words Of Wisdom, Deep Thoughts, Awakening

Numb, restless, lethargic, empty, angry, exhausted, confused, dispirited, drained, depressed, hopeless, aimless, purposeless ... These are only a tiny selection of the total possible feelings we carry when we disconnect from our Souls – that vital spark of life within us. But how do we reach this point of total disconnection from life; this existential malaise? There are many answers, but essentially: there’s a thin veil between our conscious self and our Souls that over time thickens until…

Patricia Zimmerman
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In today's episode, we chat with artist, writer, spiritual teacher, and healer - Thomas Mooneagle. Thomas is a Sifu of Southern Chinese Tai Chi, Usui Reiki Master, ordained as a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, and initiated as a Fourth Level Andean Priest. He is well versed in many modalities and a pleasure to talk to. We learned so much speaking with him and still feel like we barely scratched the service. Drumming Down the Runes by Thomas Mooneagle…

Wendi Prout-McClintic
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The many practices of Shamanism, at their core, remind us of our place in the web of life and our need to live in balance with the seen and unseen forces that shape our universe. Shamanism, like spirituality, has long been misunderstood and condemned for generations. Many of our connections to the old shamanic ways have been previously cut but not destroyed and we can learn the art of the amazing way indigenous people embrace life, the planet and each other. Our destiny is to apply our…

Laura Evenstar