South african traditional clothing

Explore the vibrant and rich culture of South Africa through traditional clothing. Discover top ideas to embrace the beauty and uniqueness of South African fashion.

When you hear the name ‘Zulu People’ what do you think their personality would be like? Just like their name, they are friendly and always hospitable. The Zulu people, whose name means ‘people of h…

Essilmi omar

In South Africa a prayer of dedication precede the actually wedding ceremony. After the vows, a unity candle is lit. Then the couple is pronounced man and wife, and blessed by a priest. The twelve symbols of life are important in South African culture and are sometimes incorporated into South African weddings. The twelve symbols of life are: 1)Wine 2) Wheat 3) Pepper 4) Salt 5) Bitter herbs 6) Water 7) A pot and spoon 8) A Broom 9) Honey 10) A Spear 11) A shield 12) A copy of the Bible or…

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