Speed bump

Enhance road safety with well-designed speed bumps. Explore top ideas to create effective speed bumps that encourage drivers to slow down and promote a safer driving environment.
When the roof leaks: why a cash cushion pays.  It never fails: just when you least expect it, your car starts acting funny or the dishwasher goes on the blink. There's no way to avoid life's annoying (and expensive) road bumps. The best way to lessen their financial blow is to build up an emergency fund. Start carving out savings now so that money is there when you need it. 1 Samuel 17, Speed Bump, Image Collage, Life Quality, Wimpy Kid, Speed Limit, Emergency Fund, Just Run, Science And Nature

Speed bumps are bad for the planet - Autoblog

Britain's Automobile Association has found another bump in the road to environmental kindness: speed bumps and really low speed limits. They took a car that got 58-mpg running a constant 30-MPH, and ran it over speedbumps at the Millbrook Proving Ground, slowing down and speeding up for each bump. What they discovered was that mileage dropped to 31-mpg and carbon dioxide emissions went up. The findings correlate with those of the country's Transport Research Laboratory, which reported that…

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