Stability ball lower body workout

Transform your lower body with these effective stability ball workouts. Build strength and tone your muscles with these top exercises that target your legs, glutes, and core.

You?ve probably seen a Bosu ball or two stacked up amongst the free weights at your gym. But if you?ve steered clear for fear of not knowing how to properly use one, you?re not alone. Here?s everything you need to know, plus 19 moves to get you started.

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I love using exercise balls for leg workouts. Exercise (aka Stability) Balls: Engage multiple muscle systems… which means they help target and activate more muscle fibers at once They can be used as either a bench or as a weight They help establish, restore and maintain balance Plus, they're inexpensive and you can use them at home or the gym. I put together this Leg workout with a stability ball with fun exercises for lean legs and toned thighs. This workout uses some of the best exercise…

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Try this medicine ball and kettlebell total body workout to build strength, burn fat and to tone. #workout #kettlebellworkout #medicineballworkout #health #fitness

If you want to ramp up your workouts then try this amazing medicine ball and kettlebell workout. What more can I say and you are probably tired of hearing me say it but Heather worked me over on Tuesday. The workout included a medicine ball and kettlebell. It was challenging but gave me energy. We did a lot of leg work as you will find and it ...

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A quick cardio and strength workout you can do with minimal equipment. Hey gang! I have to say it. HAPPPY WORKOUT WEDNESDAY! 💪🏼 Are you ready to get down and dirty with this leg focused tabata workout? Tabata workouts are my favorite (I know I say that a lot, but this is true.) If you’re not...Read More »

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