Standing rib roast

Impress your guests with a mouthwatering standing rib roast that is juicy and flavorful. Explore top recipes and tips to create a memorable holiday meal.
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Standing Rib Roast or (Prime Rib) is incredibly flavorful and delicious. Cooking it is surprisingly easy! Follow these simple steps on how to cook a Standing Rib Roast perfectly!

Martha Campos
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A Standing Rib Roast is a Prime Rib that still has at least two of the bones still attached. An expensive (very expensive) cut of beef that none of us can afford to screw up, Haha. The Standing Rib Roast / Prime Rib I’m cooking today is a $120, 3-Rib, 8 ½ pound massive piece of beef that needs to be cooked to a perfect medium-rare. Not as difficult as it may sound, however, there are a few steps that must be followed for a perfect dinner of beautiful medium-rare Roast Beef.

John Bradford
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This Garlic Butter Prime Rib recipe, with an herb crust and au jus gravy, is simple to prepare for a special and delicious holiday dinner!

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