Steak dinner sides

Enhance your steak dinner with these mouthwatering side dish ideas. From creamy mashed potatoes to flavorful roasted vegetables, find the perfect accompaniment for your steak.
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Whether we've got something to celebrate, we're going full cavewoman paleo, or we're just feeling a little low on iron, there’s truly nothing like a steak dinner. When it comes to sides, we’re all about a mix of steakhouse classics (bring on the potatoes and blue cheese wedges!) and crunchy veggies and salads. Here are 30 of our favorite things to eat with steak.

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Over 25 popular best side dishes for steak including all the potato side dishes, roasted veggies, air fryer side dishes, side salads, bread rolls, and more. One of my favorite steak side dishes are these garlic mashed potatoes.

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