Steam engine

Explore the world of steam engines and learn about their history, mechanics, and significance. Discover how steam engines revolutionized transportation and industry.
Antique, original lithograph from 1892 - Steam Engines. Old print comes from "Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon", antique engraving, print for framing Decoration, Industrial Revolution, Industrial, Vintage, Heavy Machinery, Chromolithograph, Industrial Machinery, Lithograph, Old Things

Antique, original, german lithograph from 1892 - Dampfmaschinen - Steam Engines. This beautiful lithography print comes from "Brockhaus Konversations Lexikon" - 14 Auflage Published by FA Brockhaus, Leipzig It’s an ORIGINAL print from 1892 - not a copy or modern reproduction. CONDITION: Very good condition. Please keep in mind that you are purchasing an original and very old item and that it may show signs of time. Minor stains, discoloration, yellowing of the paper or unevenness of the…

Martin McDonald