Strep throat remedies

Discover natural and home remedies to alleviate the discomfort of strep throat. Try these proven remedies to soothe your symptoms and get back to feeling better.
Let's talk abut Strep Throat symptoms, how to tell if you have strep vs a sore throat.  If essential oils can be helpful?  Also, what to do if you have strep throat when pregnant.  How LONG is strep throat contagious, can you be a carrier?  Did you know that strep throat has different symptoms in children and that it can ONLY be teated by antibiotics?  Yup, lots to learn about strep throat from this RN -- so let's get going! via @pullingcurls Fitness, Symptoms Of Strep Throat, Symptoms Of Strep, Strep Throat Symptoms Children, Strep Throat In Toddlers, Cure For Strep Throat, Remedies For Strep Throat, Sick Remedies, Help Sore Throat

This post is going to share how to tell if you have strep throat. We'll talk strep throat vs mono, fevers, treatments as well as how you GET strep throat!

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