Strobist photography

Take your photography skills to the next level with strobist techniques. Learn how to effectively use off-camera flash to create stunning and dynamic images that will captivate your audience.
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I've been reading photographers' discussions on various external strobe accessories. I had these tests done some years back for my textbook, "Photojournalism: The Professionals' Approach." From top to bottom, the Indoor/Outdoor comparisons are for: Direct Flash Bouncing the strobe off a ceiling Lumiquest Omnidome Through an umbrella Off an umbrella Through a softbox Outdoors or in a large ballroom or gymnasium, all the accessories work less well at softening shadows. The scattered light rays…

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Artificial lighting can be overwhelming, there are thousands of options to modify one single light source and there are dozens of companies that claim they have the best product and best bang for your buck. Regardless, photography equipment is expensive and I know I'd rather not waste money on a gimmick product when the same result could be achieved with just the right strobe