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This post is a bit late in coming. As you may recall, I spent two weeks of September in the Northern Italian region of Verbania, just northwest of Milan. One weekend Fr. Eric Fasano of the Diocese of Rockville Center, and I traveled to the Swiss capitol of Bern - just a few hours north by train. This was my first time to see any of Switzerland - flying into Zurich doesn't count. Historically, Bern is one of the oldest establishments and held political and economic importance making it the…

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Toblerone is a high quality Swiss chocolate bar that blends honey and almond nougat with milk chocolate. You can find it at most US grocery stores and for purchase online. Serve this dessert fondue as a fun ending to a special meal. Include dippers like fresh fruit, angel food cake chunks, pound cake squares, crisp lady fingers, and salty-snacky foods such as pretzels. Yields about 2 cups of fondue.