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Non-Hybridized Tabby Patterns Chart - (Wild)cat by MrBig2 on DeviantArt Cat Breeds, Croquis, Cat Species, Big Cat Species, Tabby Cat, Tabby Cats, Tabby, Cat Colors, Cat Anatomy

Description Cat Genetics Guide: Non-Hybridized Tabby Patterns Chart Row 1 1) Barred Ticked Tabby (Tata) 2) Unpatterned or Patternless Ticked Tabby (TaTa) 3) Broken Classic Tabby (mcmc, tata) Row 2 4) Mackerel Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, spsp, tata) 5) Classic Tabby (mcmc, spsp, tata) 6) Mist Marble Tabby (spsp, tata): found in the Australian Mist breed Row 3 7) Broken Mackerel Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, tata) 8) Mackerel Spotted Tabby (McMc or Mcmc, SpSp or Spsp, tata) 9) Sokoke Tabby (mcmc, spsp, tata)…

Lisa Thompson
Cat Genetics Tutorial Part 3 (Tabby/Agouti) by Spotted-Tabby-Cat

Description This tutorial is out of date. Please see more information here. There are multiple cat genetics tutorials about, but they tend to only cover the basics (base colors, dilutions, tabby, white-spotting, pointism, & tortie/orange). In-depth cat genetics tutorials tend to be lacking. So thus, this. I have no idea how long this will take to be completed. Hopefully before 2016. Now we are into markings. Tabby/Agouti is one of the most common markings. It is a dominant gene…

Dominic R

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