Tattoo memes

Get ready to laugh with these hilarious tattoo memes. Share with your friends and show off your love for tattoos in a fun and entertaining way.
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10. Black lace/Mandala hand tattoos – Sara Fabel made this one popular among women and there are some very nicely done versions out there. Unfortunately we're seeing girls with little to no tattoos or full color sleeves getting this, resulting in awkward looking hand tattoos that don't flow with the rest of the their arm. Try henna first ladies!

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(Image Link)People get tattooed for all kinds of reasons, including a love of art and as a , but those brave folk who get ink to entertain others are truly heroes. Funny tattoos come in many forms, but for my money the best kind of funny tattoo is a punny tattoo.Punny tattoos are the ultimate in visual gag body art, a silly play on words or an idiom brought to life through design, and punny tattoo people are likely to become the life of the party!Here's a collection of Tough, Raunchy (but…

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