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Embark on an epic adventure in The Elder Scrolls universe. Immerse yourself in a rich fantasy world filled with quests, battles, and ancient lore. Discover the secrets of Tamriel and become a legendary hero.
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Emperor Tiber Septim, also called Hjalti Early-Beard,[1] General Talos Stormcrown,[6] the Red King,[8] and Ysmir,[6] was a Dragonborn and the first Emperor of the Septim Empire. He is regarded as one of Tamriel's most famous figures, having been the only one in history to unite the continent. Starting with his service under the Cyrodilic emperor Cuhlecain, Tiber Septim fought under the name "General Talos" to unify Cyrodiil, eventually succeeding or usurping Cuchlecain and becoming…

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