Thought experiment

Engage your mind with intriguing thought experiments that challenge your perception of reality. Discover top ideas that will expand your imagination and spark intellectual curiosity.
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Thought experiments are mental concepts or hypotheses, often resembling riddles, which are used by philosophers and scientists as simple ways of illuminating what are usually very dense ideas. Most often, they’re used in more abstract fields like philosophy and theoretical physics, where physical experiments aren’t possible. They serve as some hearty food for thought, but given their complex subject matter, it’s not unusual for even the thought experiment itself to be nearly…

John Schweitzer
8 Philosophical Thought Experiments That I Illustrated To Broaden Your Mind | Bored Panda

I am a philosopher with a background in art (which I studied as an undergraduate). Philosophers use thought experiments, short stories that bring out intuitions. It is often not possible to do these experiments in real life, but by doing them in our heads we can learn something new about the nature of reality, about right and wrong, the existence of God and many other topics.

Katie Pope