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Explore innovative and space-saving ideas for tiny homes on trailers. Find inspiration for your own mobile living space and start your next adventure today.
Modern tiny home with clear cedar siding, Paneling, and Metal Roof.  This is a Payette Urban by Tru Form Tiny, its 28 ft long plus a 36 inch bump out. 2 Story Tiny House, Tiny House Trailer Plans, Timy Houses, Modern Tiny Home, Micro Homes, Homes On Wheels, Peninsula Kitchen, House With Land, Glass House Design

A 28 ft Payette Urban Travel Trailer with bump-out ground floor bedroom. Sleeps 5. 2 story windows meet up with skylights. Full solar off grid living makes this Tiny home easy to place. Tru Form Tiny is RVIA certified and they offer Mortgages for the Tiny and land. You can also get RV loans through this manufacturer.

Tru Form Tiny
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Most tiny homes we show here have been specifically designed to a client's wants and needs, but this one-of-a-kind 24-foot Kootenay was designed by the Tru Form Tiny CEO, precisely to her tastes! The result

Julie Wellington
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Tiny homes that don’t actually look like tiny homes are hard to come by. So, when you come across one available with a competitive price tag, it’s hard not to jump at the chance to check it out. This beautiful 30-foot by 8.5-foot country retreat-style home by tiny house company Handcrafted Movement can’t help but pique your curiosity. Described as a ‘lightly used pre-owned model’ available now for $95,000, Handcrafted Movement purchased the tiny house back from the first owner and set about…

Brenda Dellinger

I was just wondering… how much living space do most people need? If you’re on this site I have to assume you’ve considered living, working, owning, renting, visiting, or vacationing in a tiny house. You’ve probably also looked carefully at all of Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Houses which very nicely document the possibilities of such tiny spaces. I drew this quick picture to try an illustrate the difference between common tiny house sizes based on standard trailer sizes. I placed a few common…

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