Tire swings

Add excitement to your outdoor space with creative tire swing ideas. Discover how to transform old tires into fun and safe swings for kids and adults alike.
Tire Swing

A few months ago we were at the play escape with the kids at the state park while we were camping there, they had these tire swings there that looked like seats and you could sit back in the while …

Lewis Deen
How to Make a Tire Swing!: 18 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Make a Tire Swing!: This explains how to build a tire swing. On the surface, a simple tire with a rope would seem to be a good tire swing. After all, it worked for us when we were children. But, these days, just tying a rope to a tire is not good enough. For purcha…

Sheri Needham
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Elevate the fun factor for kids with these innovative play ideas involving recycled tires! Explore imaginative possibilities like tire swings high in the sky, engaging obstacle courses, and challenging balance beams. These activities will not only keep your children physically active and entertained but also inspire their creativity. Transform unused tires into vibrant play elements and turn your backyard into a delightful playground that sparks endless joy and adventure for young ones.

Elizabeth Cruz