Travel alarm clock

Never miss a beat while traveling with a reliable travel alarm clock. Discover the best travel alarm clocks to ensure you wake up refreshed and ready for your adventures.
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Adorable vintage mini travel alarm clock. It works! Simply wind the clock and set the alarm. Made in Japan. Signs of gentle use. There is some discoloration to the case, some slight scratches on the back and on the clock face. It is a plastic clock face. Marked Caravelle, Japan. It has a glow in the dark dial and hands. Measures approximately 3 1/8 inch tall and is 2 1/4 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch deep. A fun piece to add to a Clock collection or use on your desk or bookshelf. Sold as found.

Travel Alarm Clocks.  One of those collections that came together with our marriage and the joining of two house holds of "stuff".  Neat, small and many different designs.  Fun things.

Before I got my first smart phone, I would always travel with an address book, a watch with alarm function, a small photo album, some sort of music player, etc. These items, while necessary, added a small but significant amount of weight to my luggage, so when a device came out that included all these functions plus many others, I was elated! Still, I must admit that there is one distinct benefit to having a dedicated alarm clock while on the road: you can set it up and have instant access…

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Life is all about the little details. In a digital world, where people invent smartphone apps solely dedicated to dragging us away from our peaceful slumber, it seems there’s little room for the classic alarm clock, that beautiful bedside piece of equipment whose sole purpose is to help prepare us for the long workday ahead.

Ricky Greenleaf-Payne
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【Unique look】This cute round clock has a unique small design, supported by a small circle at the bottom of the analog alarm clock. The golden hands and clock scales are very clear and easy to read. 【Silent Non Ticking Clock】The small clock adopts a high-quality quartz movement, which not only accurately moves the battery operated clock but also does not emit any sound, creating a quiet sleeping and working environment for you. 【Battery Powered and Backlight】The battery powered clock is…