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Explore the deep and complex nature of your feelings and uncover the hidden truths behind them. Gain a better understanding of yourself and your emotions with these insightful ideas.
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6 Signs That Your Partner Isn't Loyal To You Even Though They Don't Cheat On You

How true is this? Loyalty isn't necessarily all too complex as an idea and yet, it still manages to confuse so many people especially in the role that it plays in relationships. People in general have got to develop their infantile understandings of what it really means to be loyal…

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I'm sorry you felt you were begging for love. That's probably because I'm not there. Again, the situation. You don't believe this, but I loved you every single second. Yes, I need to cook, clean, serve others. I'm a dad so I need to give time. But no one had more of me than you. If you still felt like you were begging for love, then I'm sorry you felt that way. I just don't know what else I can do. You do deserve to be happy. You do deserve not having to beg for love. You deserve it all.