Types of wood joints

Discover the art of woodworking with various types of wood joints. Learn how to create strong and beautiful connections in your woodworking projects with these essential techniques.
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I wanted to make the base of the little land bigger than the initial prototype where the base was 9*9 inches. I realized that the surface area was too small to build upon. Nikita made an observation at Jaaga where i exhibited little land, she said when kids played with it due to the small surface area, they began asking her to hold the pieces separately around the base, trying to expand the area. So i thought of things: 1. Having a base the size of a small table so kids could sit around and…

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Ever since we first started to build structures and objects out of multiple pieces of wood, we have had to find innovative ways of binding the pieces together. Enter joinery – various joining methods that utilize shapes, wedges, and bindings to apply enough force/pressure to hold two or more different pieces of wood together. Skilled […]

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