Unglazed porcelain

Discover the beauty and durability of unglazed porcelain tiles for your home. Explore top ideas to incorporate these timeless tiles into your interior design and create a stunning and long-lasting look.
Carol Snyder. One of the best ceramic artist in the country. Paper Clay, Pottery, Ceramic Artists, Pottery Art, Wheel Thrown, Thrown Pottery, Ceramic Artwork, Fine Porcelain, Pottery Bowls

Permanent Collection Southern Ohio Museum and Cultural Center, Portsmouth,Ohio Inspired by a cornfield in winter when all that remains are cut stalks rising from the snow in perfect lines into the horizon. Wheel thrown, altered and carved cone 10 porcelain. Unglazed to emphasize translucency and patterned carving.. Original Ceramics and Pottery

Large Narrow Pleat Glow, Pendant Lighting, Interior, Home Décor, Lights, White Porcelain, Porcelain Pendant Light, Fixtures, Ceramic Light

£220 Approx. size/weight of shade: 220mm in diameter, 30mm in height, 425g Bayonet mount (B22), dimmable bulb included. Our beautiful porcelain pendant shades are made from an unglazed white porcelain and are each sold with an antiqued brass lampholder, matching brass ceiling rose, dimmable bulb and 2.2m of high quality off-white twisted flex cable. Each shade is made by hand

Jasmine Shen
Fukami-Sueharu--SeascapePorcelain-with-celadon-glaze,-2004 Ceramic Art, Ceramic Vessel, Ceramic Jug, Ceramic Pitcher, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Bottle, Ceramic Cups

Lake Constance Ceramic landscape recreation The mood of the above relaxed landscape prompted me to seek out ceramic pieces that projected a similar calm. Grazing sheep on a gentle slope leading down to a light infused valley, flooded with tonal contrasts, towards distant dark mountains projected a visceral calm. An alluring dichotomy exists between the innocence of the grazing sheep and the white lake against the foreboding dark mountains in the background. Overall the prevailing impression…