Unique cats

Explore the world of unique cat breeds and learn about the fascinating characteristics that make them stand out. Find your perfect feline companion and add a touch of uniqueness to your home.
dalmatian cat spotty markings

What an unusual beauty! This kitty has markings like a dalmatian on all four paws and cow's markings on the body. "I've never seen a cat like this before and I wonder if its dad is a dalmatian," said Berin who befriended this unusually stunning kitty. by BerinThey call the kitty the "dalmatian cat"...

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Pharaoh cats were developed in Australia by crossing two existing breeds, Highland Lynx and Maine coon. The foundation Maine coon line, Altai Maine coon, was an Australian accepted developmental breed. Altai Maine coon cats carry a rare dominant blue eye mutation originating from Europe, that can produce blue eyes in cats with any coat colour.

Juliette Jarotzky