Victorian fancy dress

Step back in time with our collection of elegant and authentic Victorian fancy dress ideas. Dress up in style and be the center of attention at your next costume party or event. Explore our top picks and bring the Victorian era to life.
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People during the Victorian era seemed to have had an uncanny ability to turn any abstract concept, any technological innovation or idea into a fancy dress costume. Case in point, 'Electric light' or 'Electricity'. This is how Fancy Dress Described,1896 describes 'Electricity' fancy dress: "Electric blue satin, covered with silver zigzag flashes; silver cords are wound about the neck,arms, and waist; to typify the electric coils. Bodice of blue satin draped with silver and crepe de chine…

Samantha Crumb
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"And yet here he was, if one could credit one's senses, about to take part in a fancy-dress ball, a form of entertainment notoriously a testing experience for the toughest. And he was attending that fancy-dress ball, mark you—not, like every other well-bred Englishman, as a Pierrot, but as Mephistopheles—this involving, as I need scarcely stress, not only scarlet tights but a pretty frightful false beard." ~ Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse via gravesandghouls tumblr, Victorian costumes…