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Kenma has a crush. So like any good friend, Kuroo harasses her for him. Poly not love triangle 🚨 TW: extreme stalking, illegal illicit photos, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal ideation, character death, mental and physical abuse, r*pe, dub-con, sexual assault, emetophobia, cannibalism, gore, murder, torture, age regression, suicide, self harm

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No, we did NOT fake a picture of a technicolor Game Boy in Paint — this is the real deal! You’re about to see the world your favorite video games live in living color. Game Boy is getting a Brit + Co-approved makeover with the launch of Game Boy Color. Your handheld gamer will now come in Berry, Grape, Kiwi, Dandelion, Teal and even Atomic Purple (see-through electric violet!!). Put it on your Christmas/Hanukkah wish lists now, playas.

Brit Morin

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