Viking heritage

Delve into the rich history and culture of the Vikings with our top ideas and insights. Discover Viking traditions, artifacts, and more to immerse yourself in this captivating heritage.
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Celtic Scotland refers to the period in Scotland’s history that began in the Iron Age and lasted until the end of the Viking Age in the 11th century AD. During this time, Scotland was home to several tribes of Celts who developed a unique culture and way of life. Discover the rich history, traditions, and cultural heritage of Celtic Scotland. #celticscotland #scottishhistory #ironage #vikingage #celticculture #ancientscotland

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VIKING LAWS 1. BE BRAVE AND AGGRESSIVE Be direct Grab all opportunities Use varying methods of attack Be versatile and agile Attack on target at a time Don't plan everything in detail Use top quality weapons 2. BE PREPARED Keep weapons in good condition Keep in shape Find good battle comrades Agree on important points Choose one chief 3. BE A GOOD MERCHANT Find out what the market needs Do not promise what you can't keep Do not demand overpayment Arrange things so that you can return 4. KEEP…

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