Vintage christmas ornaments

Add a touch of nostalgia to your holiday decor with unique vintage Christmas ornaments. Explore our collection of handpicked ornaments to create a charming and timeless Christmas tree.

BULLFINCH BIRD GERMAN BLOWN GLASS CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENT CLIP ON GIMPEL FEATHER. Authentic German Blown Glass Bullfinch Clip-On Bird Ornament From Germany, The Birthplace Of Glass X-mas Ornaments Fine German Blown Glass Ornament Authentic Glass Clip-On Bird Ornament From Germany Size: 6+" W/Tail Color: Multi Handcrafted Ornament From The Birthplace Of Glass X-mas Ornaments 17cm Gimpel Don't Be Fooled By "Free Shipping" - You Always Pay More. We Offer Combined Shipping…

Amy Thyr
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Y'all probably know that I absolutely LOVE vintage Christmas! So what do you do with your lovely, but broken ornaments, or your favorite glass bead

Megan Wilkinson
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Christmas is upon us! This season is a time for all vintage and antique lovers to rejoice. Vintage Christmas is a holiday all its own. The Christmas ornaments and decorations from bygone eras can lend a nostalgic, cozy feel to any home. If you’ve ever been to an estate sale, it’s likely you’ve seen a…Read More

Susan Streitmatter