Vintage space

Transform your space into a nostalgic haven with these vintage ideas. Discover unique ways to incorporate retro elements and create a charming atmosphere.
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Two high quality vintage star photographs — ready to print. These artworks are cheap and high quality, made for people who don't have much money to spend on home decor but still want their home or office to look nice. They have been taken from archived books that are currently in the creative commons and under fair use. They have been enhanced for best print quality. You will receive four high quality JPG files of these listing photographs — A4 paper size 8.3 × 11.7 inches (300 DPI). These…

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Another book about the Moon. But what is special about this one is it's creative link to a much older space art book. In 1874, James Nasmyth and James Carpenter published, The Moon. A large and lavishly illustrated volume, its numerous plates were reproduction of photographs of plaster models of portions of the lunar surface, seen both telescopically from Earth and as they would appear to an observer on the Moon. Brenna, Virgilio. Illustrated by Brenna, Virgilio. The Moon. New York: Golden…

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San Francisco has always had plenty of entertainment....from fine opera, ballet, and symphony companies, theatre and musical comedy performances, down to the bawdiest of North Beach night clubs. an entertainment capital....S.F. was not. The television and movie industries were in Los Angeles and well as the advertising and promotions for both that were created there. Still, occasional 'show biz' related assignments and stories came my way. This week's CAWS will show…

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