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Explore a collection of vintage Valentine cards that will transport you back to a simpler time. Find the perfect card to express your love and make this Valentine's Day truly special.
Angeles, Hart, Jul, Hoa, Ange, Sanat, Kunst, Ilustrasi, Engel may be thinking, I see Lorraine's been busy making lots of valentines... I'll bet she's received some pretty sweet valentines from her swap partners. Well, yes...yes I have! Here's a little gallery of the beautiful valentines I received from my lovely swap partners at Paper Whimsy. ♥From Julie Loeschke: ♥From Alison Kissling: ♥From Trish Duncan: ♥From Mary Ann Severin: ♥From Marti McClure: ♥From Heather Corn: ♥From Carolyn Huber: ♥From Chris Thuerk: ♥From Wendy Aspinall: ♥From…

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Just in time to send to your Valentine sweetheart, a huge selection of the offbeat, odd, perplexing, inappropriate, outlandish, bizarre, sexist, eccentric and far-out funny cards, all collected in one place ...for YOU (with love)! When the artists and writers were hunched over cranking out thousands and thousands of little innocent Valentine cards to be passed out among young classmates and sweethearts, I have no idea if they ever noticed that a few had a pretty obvious double entrée…

Laura Flores
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I signed up for a Valentine swap and I am sending out 10 Valentine postcards to people all over the world. In return I will get 10 special postcards made with love from other artists. Making 10 similar cards gave me a fun opportunity to experiment with my material and play a bit. To me

Kayleen Tackett
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If you love Victorian Valentine's Day Cards, you'll adore learning the history behind these sweet cards, be inspired with ideas on how to make your own vintage-inspired cards with videos, resources, and an easy supply list.

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