Weight watcher vegetable soup

Discover healthy and flavorful vegetable soup recipes that are perfect for weight watchers. Find satisfying and low-calorie options to support your weight loss journey.
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Print Friendly VersionThinking it might be time to slim down for summer? Too much baking (and over eating) this past winter? You’re not alone. I keep seeing news stories about how this past year has caused a lot of people to become lethargic, complacent, and, let’s face it, a little bit over weight. No judgment…Read more →

Jackie Davis
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With just 41 calories and 0 WW Points. This simple garden vegetable soup is one of my savvy secret weapons for staying slim and healthy! A Weight Watchers classic recipe for good reason! I like to keep a container of it in my fridge all the time for a healthy lunch, supper or snack!!

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