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Berlin, Germany ~ Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was bombed on 22 November 1943 and intentionally left as a ruin. Germany Travel, Bamberg, Berlin, Munich, Potsdam, Berlin Germany, West Berlin, Berlin City, Berlin Wall

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was bombed on 22 November 1943 and intentionally left as a ruin. Gloria Palast cinema closed in 1998. This and many other of my photographs are featured in my book "Berlin in the Cold War, 1959-1966" (Allan Hailstone, Amberley Publishing, October 2017), together with the story of my experiences of photographing divided Berlin in those years.

Martha Roberts Hester
Berlin - February 1982 - Checkpoint Charlie | by LimitedExpress Berlin, Istanbul, West Berlin, Berlin Germany, Berlin Wall, Street View, Favorite City, Europe, City

Checkpoint Charlie, officially "Grenzsübergangstelle Friedrichstrasse", seen from the West, with U-Bahn station Kochstrasse on the left. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkpoint_Charlie de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkpoint_Charlie Left : U-Bahnhof Kochstrasse on line 6. Together with line 8, line 6 ran from West to West by crossing under East Berlin, the trains ran without stopping at stations, which were heavily guarded by DDR border troops.

Jeremy Wilson Photography
Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Germany, West Berlin, East Berlin, Berlin Wall, Berlin City, Urban Landscape, East Germany

In the summer of 1969 when this photograph was taken, the Television Tower was almost complete. (It was opened on 3rd October). The dome of Berlin Cathdedral can be seen, as well as the spire of St Mary's Chruch and, in the middle distance, the House of the Teachers and its Congress Hall also built in the 1960's. The photograph was taken from the roof of the Interhotel Berolina (built 1961-3, demolished 1996).

Fenna Luxy