What to do with paper grocery bags

Discover creative ideas and projects to repurpose your paper grocery bags. Learn how to turn them into useful and eco-friendly items for your home and daily life.
How to Make Baskets From Paper Grocery Bags | eHow

This woven Easter basket is not only as adorably cute as it is clever, it’s also green! By upcycling a paper grocery bag, you can make your own with a pair of scissors and a bit of hot glue. It’s the perfect size to hold a few Easter eggs, a stash of candy, or bouquet of gorgeous daffodils for an Easter centerpiece!

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Get creative - 25 ways to reuse brown paper bags! Custom envelopes A quick Google or Pinterest search can help you find the exact measurements for envelopes of any size. Prop up boots Roll-up paper bags and stand them inside your slouchy boots for a quick and free way to keep them in shape. That's

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