Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Elevate your home decor with unique furniture made from whiskey barrels. Discover top ideas to add rustic charm and warmth to your living space.
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Rock your outdoor decor. Sit back, relax and chill with a glass of whiskey on the Rockin’ Rye Bourbon Seat. Handcrafted and made with care to reflect the authentic country feel. We use bourbon barrel staves aged over 10 years. Every piece of the chair is handpicked with expertise and patience. Our expert craftsmen go the extra mile by sanding, buffing, and hand oiling all the chairs to look gorgeous. American white oak has its own charm. We scrape, smooth, and seal the charred side of the…

Marisa Oldnall
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Authentic bourbon barrel converted to a display cabinet. Bottom lid of the barrel is flipped so the uncharred side it up, giving you a nice clean surface to set your items on. Rough parts of the barrel are sanded smooth, but as much of the character is left to give the barrel a somewhat rustic look. Every barrel will be different. Some will be a little more rustic than others, but that is what makes this gift/item so unique! If choosing the middle shelf to be stationary (or fixed position)…

Edona Provoliu
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Suppliers of Whiskey Barrels Wholesale, Wholesale Whiskey Barrel pricing for resellers is available east coast USA $70 per barrel delivered in 53' truckload quantities of 288 barrels


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