Wind chimes homemade

Add a touch of whimsy and music to your outdoor space with these creative homemade wind chimes. Discover easy DIY projects to create your own unique wind chimes and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature.
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Wind pipes are an easy project to tackle if you are looking to add aesthetics to your yard or home. You can choose from so many materials depending on what you are searching for. But what are the best pipes to use for your do-it-yourself project? There are many types of materials you can use,

Sue Welch

These lanterns have been hanging in my kitchen window since I photographed them for this DIY and I have to say, they bring me so much joy...You have no idea. When I get up late at night for a glass of water, they give off the perfect peaceful glow. The beads catch the light in the sweetest way both during the day and at night, too. I know that some of my projects are a bit more involved than most DIYs that you find out there, but there are often ways to improvise if you don't have everything…

Pam Patrick