Winter tyres

Ensure your safety on icy and snowy roads with the top winter tyres. Find the perfect tyres for your vehicle and enjoy a smooth and secure driving experience all winter long.
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Winter is coming. What about your tires? Good tread is important on Tires for winter because it helps to improve traction in slippery conditions. Snow and ice can make it difficult for your tires to grip the road, which can lead to loss of control. Winter Tires are designed with deeper tread depths and more aggressive tread patterns than all-season tires, which helps them to dig through snow and ice and maintain contact with the road. #cobbtire

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Set includes 4 3D perfect, high detailed renders (clipart) of group of rubber tires in different combination in 4 psd files 5000×3750 resolution. All the objects on a transparent background. For more detailed examples see screenshots section. In files – wheels & rubber tires, background, etc. submitted for the individual layers are named by appropriate way for your convenience. You can use this clipart for presentation of your car tires business. Set included summer variable, and also winter…