Wood Blocks

Explore a wide range of creative and fun wood block ideas that are perfect for all ages. Discover how these versatile blocks can be used for educational activities, building projects, and imaginative play.
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Though I’ve theoretically understood for years that wooden toys can be safe for infants – and for teething in particular – it wasn’t until Etsy, and my own wee one that I really began to get it. I know, wood seems a little counterintuitive, right? Hard wood, little baby mouths, the possibility of splinters. But, …

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ALPHABET TOYS FOR KIDS: Wooden ABC building blocks contain 26 alphabet and 10 counting, block one side is uppercase letter and The other side of the uppercase letter is the lowercase of the same letter, besides blocks for toddlers contain colorful shapes, animal, fruits, vegetables PRESCHOOL LEARNING FOR TODDLERS: Wooden alphabet and number blocks is a great educational montessori toy for babies building, counting, stacking, simple math, comparing, and all kinds of hands-on early learning…

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Enjoy the Classic Tumbling and Stacking Blocks Game. Simply roll the dice when its your turn, remove the block matching the color on the dice, and place it on the top, without tumbling the tower! Player to knock down the blocks first is the loser Perfect stumbling blocks game for family and friends! Promotes coordination, communication and logic between children. The play concept using one's hand to remove blocks helps with hand-eye coordination and self-control. Cleverly designed…

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