Wooden dolls

Explore our collection of beautifully crafted wooden dolls. From traditional to modern designs, find the perfect wooden doll for collectors or a special gift for kids.
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This lovely little hand painted dolls are perfect for the imaginative play, doll house family addition or kids room display. Great magical friends for your little one. Great gift for the little girls. They can add a little fun to your home decor. Each 2” doll is hand painted with two coats of non toxic acrylic paint (USA) and finished with coat of water based gloss( USA). All details are painted freehand without pattern so each doll is completely unique. Doll's hair and the crocheted hat are…

Saswati Sadhu
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Antique Vintage Wooden SANTOS cage Doll Articulated Mannequin. SANTOS Cage Doll This is from my personal collection and has been in my possession approximately 25 years - purchased at an antique fair - I was told it was from a church in the Philippines ( It was sold as an Antique ) It is approximately 19 inches H x 11 inches W x 7.5 inches D Hair is painted on Eyes may be glass Joints are movable Head can be removed (Please see all photos For details) It has been in my smoke-free home for 25…

Stefanie Böhm