Yasmin le bon

Explore the fashion journey of Yasmin Le Bon, from her rise as a supermodel to becoming a fashion icon. Discover her iconic looks and get inspired to create your own signature style.
Yasmin Le Bon: Model, Bestie, Muse. Read the post: http://littlejoewoman.com/blogs/blog/113074692-yasmin-le-bon-model-bestie-muse Bardot Fringe, First Date Hair, Butterfly Maxi Dress, Myth Busters, Yasmin Le Bon, Scissor Cut, S Wave, Aurelie Bidermann, Original Supermodels

Yasmin Le Bon: Model, Bestie, Muse

I recently returned from a trip to London where one of the highlights was catching up with my bestie Yasmin Le Bon (aka Yassy). We met for a long lunch with our husbands, and catching up with Yassy always brings back memories of us as young girls just starting out in the modeling industry. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her as she resides in London and I’m now in Bali. Yet despite time and distance, Yassy and I can always pick up where we left off much like the first time we met. She’s…

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