Youko kurama

Discover the enigmatic world of Youko Kurama and delve into his intriguing backstory. Explore the captivating journey of this iconic character from Yu Yu Hakusho and unlock the mysteries within.
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"Kurama" Sticker for Sale by Squeebii

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Marcie Horton
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Another Day that May Only be a Dream KuramaxOC

Yu Yu Hakusho Fan-fiction. Kurama/YoukoxOC Fiction is thought to be means of an escape, but reality is as firm as jello. Life's complexity just might have another idea in mind and for this depressed girl, blessings can deform to curses. A certain redhead chooses to test this theory. How can one even react, if you've already given up on yourself? Stupid fan-fic craze, so much for surviving quietly!

Deirdre P