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the girl is reading a book and looking at it with an angry look on her face
an older woman walking past a map with the caption european you better not come back to france napoleon less than a year later
a tweet that reads knock knock it's europe source delipitur
a blackboard with writing on it that says explaining the cause of ww1
Not exactly accurate but fun nonetheless.
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an image of a man with german flags in front of him and the words, this is
Austria vs. Germany
an image of someone holding up their hands with the caption that reads, any nation exists great britain in the 1970ss
an image of the british flag and other things that happen when you need to know them
a man driving a car with the british flag on his head
two pictures with the same caption in different languages, one has an egyptian sign and the other says egypt in american movies
MERY No.Va.😉
an egyptian man standing in the desert holding a stick with words written on it that say,
two people walking up some steps in front of an old building at night with the caption no one brits