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an object is shown in the shape of a table with two legs and one leg
Tabouret inspiré par NinjaRouge
Inspiré par les tabouret de @zeloko et @tedey. Les deux idées me plaisaient alors j'ai fais un mix !! :smile: Merci à eux pour l'inspiration :wink:
two pictures of wooden boxes on the ground and one has a trash can in it
15 Easy DIY Pallet Projects That Anyone Can Do It - The ART in LIFE
Pallet kitchen garbage: More
three different pictures of wooden planters with plants growing out of the top and bottom
Trending Plans Made with Used Shipping Pallets
We have shown the reclaimed wood pallet herb planter idea here with which one can decorate the home with the herbs and flowers from inside as well because it will not create a mess. It can be copied for the lawn decoration as well.
two pictures of the same tv stand and one is made out of pallet wood
Genius DIY Ideas for Shipping Pallets Recycling
TV stand idea is always top favorite in the wood pallet creations for the home. It would let the media accessories to stay away from facing any breakage and damage. Here the TV stand has been appealing designed within the wood work placement into it.
a coffee table made out of pallet wood with a video game on the screen
Black and Burnt Concealment table
Outside Dimensions are 47”x 22" standing 19" off the ground. Inside dimensions are 42"x19"x4.5". Stars are etched and Burnt in. As of 12/05/2017 we changed from a magnet lock to a RFID Locking system. This comes with a key card and a key fob.Table also comes with customizable 2.25" kaizen foam inside.
a statue of a man with a long toothbrush in his mouth is on the street
DIY Woodworking Fans
a wooden chair with a carved skull on it
several different pictures of wood being cut into pieces
This is a great idea! #woodlatheresins
three pieces of wood sitting next to each other on the floor in front of a wall
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Table Collection epoxy wood wood epoxy resin modern | Etsy
a table made out of wood and glass in the shape of a tree trunk with metal legs
Awesome Resin Wood Table Project 7 - Hoommy.com
Awesome Resin Wood Table Project 7
a wooden table with rocks and water flowing down it