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an oil painting of a man's face and hands
Boston, MA fine artist Winston Chmielinski #artistaday
a woman in armor holding a giant metal object with a rat sitting on top of it
Look in a mirror after meal, Kyoung Hwan Kim
a black and white drawing of a woman with flowers in her hair
Domitor Invictus
an abstract painting with trees and people in the background, including one person holding a baby
The disturbing dreams of Michael Armitage | Apollo Magazine
an image of two people with their feet in the air and one person holding onto another persons leg
Frank Stockton | Communication Arts
an abstract painting of a man riding a horse with other people in the back ground
New Voice With Plenty to Say: Kenyan Painter Michael Armitage Bridges European Traditions and East African Modernism
an abstract painting with multiple colors and hands reaching out to the viewer's face
Studio visit article with Winston Chmielinski | Berlin Art Link
Winston Chmielinski – “A Round of Crossfire Prayers Goes Clip Clap Clip”, oil on canvas
a woman is standing in front of some drawings
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes on it's surface, including flowers
'Perspectives' - Odon Wagner Gallery
'Perspectives' - Odon Wagner Gallery
two men are fighting with each other in the air
Awesome Illustrations by Jeremy Enecio | Inspiration Grid
an abstract painting with multiple figures on it
Answering the Colonizers of Modernism