Arte | March 2024

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two chairs and a table in front of a wooden wall with a lamp on it
Inspired by the Rising Sun
Sunburst by Arte is an evocative panoramic wallcovering depicting a rising, radiant sun in the sky using a very fine layer of wood veneer. #wallpaper #texture #woodveneer #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a living room with blue walls and white furniture
Luxurious Real Silk Wallcoverings
Ghicha Silk by Arte is made of hand-woven silk, featuring deep rich colors and natural variations in a completely unique textile wallcovering. #silkwallpaper #texture #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a room with green wallpaper and a wooden table in the center, next to a floor lamp
Haute Couture Wallcoverings by Arte
Franges by Arte a stunning jacquard wallcovering incorporating a whimsical zigzag pattern in the weave of the surface fabric with the loose threads creating a spectacular fringed effect. #wallpaper #texture #fashionmeetsinteriors #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a white couch sitting in front of a wall with red and white designs on it
Haute Couture for Walls
Arte’s Le Couturier Wallcoverings embody the sophistication, elegance and technique of hand-crafted haute couture. The La Perle pattern features delicate embroidery with a classic floral design. #wallpaper #texture #hautecouture #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a dining room table with chairs and vases on top of it in front of a blue wall
Sound-Softening 3D Herringbone Wallcoverings
Iki 3D wallcoverings by Arte embody the Japanese concept of Iki, which embraces a world of sophistication, elegance, simplicity and a deep appreciation for the beauty in everyday things. #3Dwallpaper #texture #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a bedroom with purple walls and a blue bed
3D Wallcovering Inspired by Japan
Yugen, the Japanese concept of sophistication and mystery, inspired Yugen by Arte, a 3D wallcovering reminiscent of an abstract interpretation of small metro tiles. #3Dwallpaper #texture #geometricdesign #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a dining room table and chairs in front of a green wall
Wallcoverings with Tropical Inspiration
Mauna Kea inspired Arte’s Mauna wallcovering, a natural-looking pattern based on an original hand-laid rattan pattern of alternating straight and curved lines. #wallpaper #texture #tropicalstyle #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a table and chairs in front of a wallpapered room with paintings on the walls
Tropical and Textured Wallcoverings
Arte was inspired by the east side of Oahu, where palm trees reign supreme, to create Kailua, a textured wallpaper featuring swaying palms in a design resembling rattan on bark cloth. #wallpaper #texture #tropicalstyle #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a living room with a fireplace and wall paper
Arte Wallcoverings: All About Texture
Arte’s Spring 2024 wallcoverings collections bring depth and dimension to walls through carefully structured surface design. #wallpaper #texture #InteriorDesign #sponsored
a dining table with four chairs and a vase on it in front of a floral wallpaper
Classic Inspiration Meets Modern Interpretation
Text: Inspired by classic tapestries, Riverbank by Arte is a woven jacquard wallcovering depicting a pixilated view of a lush riverbank with a Japanese crane peeking out of the vegetation. It’s a modern take on a classic design. #wallpaper #texture #tapestry #InteriorDesign #sponsored