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a crocheted hat and diaper cover is shown in blue with white trim
selbstgemachte Mode für Barbie- ud andere Modepuppen
the doll is wearing white shorts and a yellow top
Одежда для кукол крючком и прочие мелочи. Запись со стены.
two barbie dolls wearing swimsuits and hats, one is holding her hand up to the other
a doll is standing next to a window
a pink and white crocheted bag with two holes on the front, and one hole at the bottom
Puppenkleider häkeln - Kostenlose Anleitung für Puppenkleidung
two dolls are shown with necklaces attached to their heads, one is wearing a blue sweater and the other has pink pants
Stricken Raglan sehr leicht .Das Kleid für Barbie.