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an iphone screen with the text pray about it
cute texts
the face of jesus with stained glass in front of it's head and shoulders
Follow us to affirm.
jesus holding his hand up in front of the sun with his hands out to him
El corazón de Jesús
jesus with long hair and beard standing in front of blue water holding his hands out
Благодарственная Вселенская молитва Господу.
jesus standing in the clouds with his arms outstretched
Короткая молитва к Иисусу Христу на ЛЮБОВЬ. Действенная молитва, чтобы встретить любимого человека
a drawing of a man holding a child on top of his shoulders with both hands in the air
pati.te on Twitter
an image of jesus with the words jesus ih vertrave au dich
a man standing in front of rows of pews holding his hands together and praying