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two dogs walking across a wire enclosure on top of a tree
In The News
a wooden fence with flowers growing on the top and bottom, next to it is a grassy yard
outdoor cat jungle gym for indoor cats
Extend your Cat's Territory to New Heights with this DIY Catio Bridge
a chicken coop in the middle of a yard with flowers and plants growing out of it
an outside view of a house with a cat in the door and some plants on the deck
Catios - Custom Catios
a large bird cage sitting on the side of a house
two cats sitting on top of wooden crates in front of a cat tree and fence
Porch time, spring is in the air!
Mini catio/outdoor space for the stud cats
several cats sitting on the ground in a garden
RAPS Cat Sanctuary
several pictures of different types of houses in the woods with animals inside and around them
A Catio is the Coolest Thing You Never Knew Your Cat Needed
an outdoor area with grass, plants and a fenced in area that is lit up at night
Catio for our indoor kitty
a cat standing on its hind legs in front of a mirror
Geniale Ideen, um IKEA-Möbel aufzuwerten.